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Re: Bar height
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I love my 9" Intrikat bars. I'm close to your height as well. A little shorter but have long arms.

I tried the Intrikat 9.5" bars once and thought they were too tall/wide for me. I rode with the Ares A-plus bars for quite a while and really liked them as well. I think that they are just under 9". However, I seem to always migrate back to my 9" Intrikat.

for what it's worth I ride uncut S&M Fastpitch forks with ~1 3/8" of spacers (pretty tall) and an S&M Enduro 2 stem (40mm). From time to time I think about getting the 9.5" Intrikats and cutting the width down and decreasing the spacers by just a few to get somewhere between 9-9.5" of height with the 9" width... But, right now I'm trying really hard to keep my setup as it is and to stop messing with things :).

Good setup Timmer, huge fan of the 9 Intrikats. Am on my 3rd pair of them after selling the first 2 to try other bars but found I like the size and geo of them the most. Also the Enduro V2 is amazing. I got The 40mm polished version
Dax (now in NYC)