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Re: Online hangout
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I think a dedicated YouTube channel for Flatland bmx coverage would definitely help grow the sport.  Essentially a stream team that travels to contests, jams, and events and live streams the events.  The promotion for the live streams can be done through social media such as twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.  I'm not talking about a lazy stream I mean high quality production streams not some dude with his phone recording the event.  You would need a charismatic group of commentators, a graphics expert (to display riders name and achievements), audio technician, and ideally non static high definition cameras and people to operate cameras.  You would want to structure the live stream in a way that holds viewers attention and is accessible for new/non riders.  For example instead of downtime in between riders runs have a rider on stream doing a bike check and talking about why they use the parts they do (this really could help new riders).  You can also interview a rider or even have pre-made footage for a rider spotlight.  Another example is before the contest begins you can have a segment called podium picks where each commentator picks their top 3 and argue why they think these riders will place podium.  This educates the viewers on who the dominate riders are as well as maybe learning about a wildcard rider.  Also by live streaming you would  have a huge archive of footage to work with.  You can make highlights with the footage, post commentary videos, etc.  The YouTube channel can be funded through sponsors (ideally corporate sponsors like Redbull to secure the funds) and once it gains enough viewers it can essentially fund itself through ad monetization. 

On top of having a YouTube channel for the simple reason of providing content to riders it would be documenting flatland history...can anyone in here list the podium winners for KOG 2006? or who won the flatland world circuit in 2012 (without google searching)?  Winning a flatland contest is no longer historically important, it's literally a headline on a webpage for a day and that's that.  Go watch an NFL, NBA, or MLB game they are ALWAYS referencing and replaying old footage whether it be a great play, a memorable moment, or footage of the first time a team won a championship.  It pays homage to the older generations while at the same time educating the younger generations on who these people are and what they've accomplished.  Referencing old footage generates HYPE, I give you an example:  I remember Voodoo jam 2009  where the final was Ucchie vs. Matthias Dandois, Ucchie had won the previous year (2008) and Matthias Dandois the year before that (2007).  The winner of this battle would not only reclaim the title of Voodoo champion but would have won 2 Voodoo Jams which would tie Justin Miller for most wins at Voodoo (Miller was a 2-time Voodoo Champion 2004 and 2006).  If a stream team was around back then you could cut to previous years highlight footage of Justin's two wins, Ucchie's win in 2008 and Matthias win in 2007 before they battle and I guarantee viewers will be more invested in who wins the finals because they understand the context of the contest and realize more is at stake in the final battle.  Viewers can also revisit footage of the old contest since YouTube will pretty much be here forever while webpages that post results may be taken down.  Like I said video documentation of flatland history.

The use of media for flatland is severely lacking and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I continuously hear old people complaining about video games and how the youth are sucked in but when you have websites like and programs like Discord which not only allow for accessible viewing but interaction within their community it's no wonder why flatland bmx cant keep up.  We aren't using these tools and resources and we need to be if we want to evolve and reach wider audiences.  I'd like to believe that the idea of a dedicated flatland YouTube channel could work and there's enough people hungry enough for flatland coverage especially if that coverage included every major contest. 

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Re: Online hangout
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Thats a very in depth response and i agree 100% with what your saying.

Its finding people with the time, money and equipment to get it started and make good quality productions. If any members have the resources to make a channel happen on a non profit making basis i will try to help them get going if i can.
Due to my work, i wouldnt be able to travel to events and give up that much time for nothing in return and im sure others are the same.
Not because im greedy but i simply couldnt survive without earning money from my work. Sadly its finding someone who can give that much until the channel can run and generate under its own steam.
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