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Flat Ark 2019
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Country: Japan
Location: Miyayama275, Samukawa-machi, Kōza-gun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Date: 27.04.2019 - 29.04.2019


ARK LEAGUE 2019 decided the date and place
Today, January 8th 14:30, executive committee of the ARK LEAGUE Samukawa city had press conference with a governor of Kanagawa Prefecture at a prefectural office of Kanagawa.
Therefore, the place and schedule of the ARK LEAGUE 2019 was officially announced.

Date: 2019/04/27(SAT)-29(MON)
Place: Samukawa-machi, Kanagawa-ken / Samukawa central park and Shinkō sports Samukawa arena.
Address: Miyayama275, Samukawa-machi, Kōza-gun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. 〒253-0106

The ARK LEAGUE 2019 will be held for the first time in East-side Japan.
This year, we will organize FLAT ARK(BMX FLATLAND) / SKATE ARK(SKATEBOARD) and also BREAK DANCE world championship that “BREAK ARK”
So, the ARK LEAGUE will be back as scale up.

※Please note that there are watching free competitions and Watching fee-charged competitions.
(The details will go up to the SNS/WEB site in the near future, so please check it)

※Contestants who have entered FLAT ARK and SKATE ARK 2018 will need a confirmation email to participate. If you participate, the entry will be completed at that time.
The details will go up to the SNS/WEB site in the near future, so please check it.

(The BREAK ARK entry will be announced on the Website/SNS as soon as details are decided.)