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khe killah:
Would anybody be interested if we added dirt bike, street, vert etc sections to chat about other disciplines.


it was the banning ..... a lot of arguing went down, people got butthurt and had people banned....that's what did it. this PC crap . this would have flourished if mods hadn't got involved every time someone said boohoo...

khe killah:
That was in the past mate, looks like there are no real active mods anymore so you can do what you want. I never banned a single person, i only deleted spam accounts.

Just because things were bad in the past doesnt mean the future cant be different. Are you not interested in making this forum great again?

of course, I just thought you wanted suggestions. You became a mod after I left the Marketplace. but its cool to see my rules and suggestions are still there, even if you replaced my name. I always had fun on here, did lots of business on here as well. you and I never had any beef. I think you even bought from me.


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