Author Topic: France: Joris Bretagnolles wins Astrolabe 2018  (Read 1841 times)

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France: Joris Bretagnolles wins Astrolabe 2018
« on: April 23, 2018, 08:49:55 PM »

Congratulations to Joris on his victory at the Astrolabe! Looking at the result list it seems that quite a few people found their way to the north of France. The girl class had 6 competitors as well which is great. If you take a close look you'll find quite a few Jumelins in the result list. Alex' kids are starting to compete as well. If there was a family ranking they would clearly win!

1st Joris Bretagnolles
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Gurvan Le Bloc'h
4th Fabien Stephan
5th Raphael Chiquet
6th Francisco Lima
7th Romain Dodelier
8th Charles Paty
9th Maxime Luchetti
10th Kevin Meyer
11th Yannick Chauvel
12th Etienne Giraud

1st Romain Mitride
2nd Romain Labroche
3rd Herve Laville
4th Stephane Scheid
4th Nils Vaugeois
6th Pablo Alves
7th Kevin Fessenmeyer
7th Julien Picq
9th Nathan Jumelin
10 Jerome Lavaste
11th Alexandre Paroussoglou
12th Vincent Bernard

1st Gabin Jumelin
2rd Arvid Laurent
3rd Mathis Mineo
4th Alban James
5th Eliot Lemire

1st Celine Vaes
2nd Melissa Droll
3rd Tess Duble
4th Eva Andre-Benoit
5th Kalix Jouanneau
6th Louise Seigneur