Author Topic: New Events: Japan, Indonesia, Hungary, Greece  (Read 986 times)

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New Events: Japan, Indonesia, Hungary, Greece
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:15:18 PM »

The contest season is in full swing with many events in the next weeks and new dates are still popping up. Here are the latest additions to our event list:

September 23rd in Japan: C3 Jam Komatsu
The C3 Jam was a bit under our radar this year. The first 2 rounds already took place. Komatsu is the 3rd round. As far as we can tell it's only for young riders this year. There are a lot of photos of the previous stop in Shiga on Facebook.

October 6th - 8th in Greece: Pacifae Golden Flatland Jam
Sakis Doumas is organizing a jam on a beautiful Greek island. It's worth a trip!

October 6th - 8th in Indonesia: Indonesian Open X-Sport Championship
The registration for the IOXC contest is now open. It's probably the bigger event of the year in Indonesia.

October 28th - 29th in Hungary: Sport Zone BMX Flatland Contest-Jam
Rob Alton is inviting everyone to his cool indoor spot in Hungary.

Check the full event list for all the dates and help us by submitting new events here.