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Perche Riding Festival
« on: August 22, 2017, 09:10:49 PM »
Country: France
Location: 23 rue Ferdinand de boyere, 61400 Mortagne-au-Perche
Date: 09.09.2017 - 10.09.2017


Kevin Meyer is organising a contest on the 9-10th September in the Normandie (France), itīs not the famous ABC of Flatland contest, but the city is really close to Alençon (25min by car).
It will be in a gymnasium, the floor will be OSB wood and there are 1500€ price money for the top 8 qualified in the pro class.
Saturday afternoon: practice and contest AM (all categories)
Saturday evening (8.30 pm): pro class qualifications
Sunday: Finals
This contest is part of the of the French Flaltand Cup.