Author Topic: AFA Round 3 Results and Footage  (Read 1154 times)

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AFA Round 3 Results and Footage
« on: July 06, 2017, 07:07:12 PM »

And the winner is? Quelle surprise! Dub! Last weekend he won the third round of the AFA series in a row. Great job! Congratulations! The AFA guys changed the scoring system a bit back in March. At first the points of all 5 rounds were supposed to count for the final ranking but it was changed to best 3 out of 5 which makes Dub the 2017 winner. Check the updated year end standing on

Sevideos uploaded a lot of Round 3 runs to Youtube. We linked a couple of them below. 

 1st Jean William Prevost
 2nd James McGraw
 3rd Tyler Gilliard
 4th Austin Luberda
 5th Art Thomason
 6th Will Redd
 7th Joe Cicman
 8th Bill Nitschke
 9th Bryan Huffman
 10th Todd Carter
 11th Nikola Olic
 1st Ron Monis
 2nd Zunwu Zhou
 3rd Michael Shao
 4th Ed Jodie
 5th Trevor Watring
 6th Mitchell Hall
 Old's Cool
 1th Mike Smick
 2th John Ustaszewski
 3th Matt Thomas
 1st Fernando Brenner
 2nd Kim Klisiak
 3rd Mark Sprung
 4th Ava McGraw
 5th Coda McGraw