Author Topic: Ares - Minato Seat and Stealth Seatpost  (Read 3858 times)

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Ares - Minato Seat and Stealth Seatpost
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:02:26 PM »

Ares came up with a new flatland specific pivotal seat called Minato Seat. It will probably remind you of the famous KHE Watanabe which is hard to find these days. In order to produce a plastic seat like this you need a casting mold which is an expensive thing to make and only economical if you want to produce a lot of seat. That makes it almost impossible to get a prototype made but the clever guys at Ares found a company that would make a sample using a 3D printer. You can find more details on that prototype including a photo here.

Eventually they decided to go into production and the seat will be available later this summer.

Retail price: 3400 yen / 30 USD
Delivery time: around the beginning of August 2017
Size: 180.96 mm
Color: Black Only

As we read on Flatlandfuel (you can preorder already) 'The tip has 3 cutting patterns in increments of 5mm so its easy to make it smaller and lighter to suit your preference'. A matching seat post will be released as well. The new version of the stealth seat post has a length of 330mm and will be available around August as well. More details on the ares website where you can preorder as well:

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Re: Ares - Minato Seat and Stealth Seatpost
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2017, 11:49:55 AM »
This is the seat I need in my life!

After having ridden the ORIGINAL plastic KHE seat (the one before it was even called Watanabe, with the 'K' KHE-logo on top instead of the bird like visual, which still had a round nose you had to cut off) for many moons it's started to creak a whole lot, quite annoying.

Bought a pivotal seatpost and Autum Lolo seat, but was a bit surprised to see it in real life. It's absolutely GINORMOUS compared to the KHE seat. And then you realize why you can't find any pictures of the underside of the seat online: the ribbed construction makes sure you will find several new ways to squash your fingers in every session!

Luckily the pivotal post I bought is a S&M long johnson, which has the 'stealth' bolt option.

I assume Brakeless distribution in Europe will also carry these?