Author Topic: Takuya Higa wins A-Style Jam  (Read 1297 times)

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Takuya Higa wins A-Style Jam
« on: April 20, 2017, 04:59:12 PM »

A-Style Jam took place last weekend in Japan. It was sunny before the contest, but it turned rainy suddenly. Riders rode in the rain, but the organizer announced to cancel the contest. Then the sun came back, and the organizer decided to hold the contest. Takuya Higa won the open class! Congratulations! Find the top 3 of the other classes below.

 1st Takuya Higa
 2nd Keisuke Matsumoto
 3rd Fumiya Kanna

 1st Shiyu Orikawa
 2nd Jun Katayama
 3rd Kira Komagata
 1st Jigen Omotehara
 2nd Airu Komagata
 3rd Ryo Ishikawa
Kids & Girls
 1st Ryo Ishikawa
 2nd Shun Ishikawa
 3rd Sona Hasegawa

Photo: @zanbu on IG