Author Topic: UK: Martti Kuoppa wins Level Vibes  (Read 1010 times)

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UK: Martti Kuoppa wins Level Vibes
« on: November 23, 2015, 10:24:54 PM »

Martti is on a mission to win everything ;-) Congratulations! First place at Level Vibes for him. Fun fact .. it looks like Navid Saleki competed in all classes. He won the expert class and moved up to pro, that was probably part of the contest format. However, in the old school class we see him as well. What about the beginner class, Navid?
Cool to see Michaelle Maiolani from Italy on the podium. We are looking forward to some contest footage!

 1st Martti Kuoppa
 2nd Michelle Maiolani
 3rd Keelan Phillips
 4th Gonzalo Bellanti
 5th Alex Jumelin
 6th Matti Hemmings
 7th Navid Saleki
 8th Steve Green
 9th Andy Hale
 10th Jason Forde
 11th Denes Katona
 12th Rob Alton
 13th Amos Burke
 1st Navid Saleki
 2nd Jussi Laukkanen
 3rd Lee Wilson
 4th Gregory Frigoris
 5th Yinka Thomas
 6th Johann Chan
 7th Pinoski
 8th TGM Maz
 9th Andy Wood
 10th Mike P
 11th Howard Avery
 12th Stuey
 13th Oliver Griffin
 Old School
 1st Rob Alton
 2nd Julian JJ Morton
 3rd James White
 4th TGM Maz
 5th Jason Forde
 6th Stuey
 7th Chris Job
 8th Johann Chan
 9th Amos Burke
 10th Navid Saleki
 11th Neil Waddington
 12th Dini Kennedy
 13th Morgan Gleave
 1st Darren Claggett
 2nd Simon Coulson
 3rd Dini Kennedy