Author Topic: TCU TV - The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview  (Read 4850 times)

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TCU TV - The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview
« on: March 11, 2015, 11:58:52 PM »

Here's a great interview with Matthias and Alex from TCU TV to check out! Adam and Catfish talk about a wide range of topics, and it's pretty entertaining! There's also a lot of related clips from videos mixed in, so it's a good watch as well.
Adam's got the timeline laid out pretty well, so we'll share that here:

0:02:00: We talk about how flatland is different in Europe vs America


0:04:20: The guys talk about how much flatland has changed in the past few years


0:06:35: We talk about what happened when ESPN took flatland out of the X Games


0:09:25: Alex talks about why he started doing the Ninja Spin contest series and we talk about the flatland contest scene in Japan


0:13:10: What the flatland scene was like when Alex started riding


0:15:00: We talk about why Alex loves America so much


0:17:00: The guys rant and rave about how great Fise is


0:19:35: Alex explains how he brought Matthias up under his wing


0:25:40: They talk about the death of scuffing and how much the rules have changed


0:29:50: We talk about Matthias’ interest in riding street and how Alex is progressing at it


0:31:20: I ask what kind of person becomes a flatlander and we talk about how crazy flatland judging is


0:35:00: Is it still a big deal to steal tricks in flatland?


0:36:30: How does the flat community stay connected on The Internet?


0:38:08: Where do you see flatland in 5 years?


0:43:32: Matthias talks about how Stevie Churchill is one of his favorite flatlander and we discuss how Stevie would do in a flatland contest


0:45:25: Why does Matthias enter street contests?


0:47:15: Are there really still a million flatland tricks left to learn?


0:50:15: We talk about Alex’s relationship with Booba, one of the biggest rappers in France


0:54:00: Matthias is a judge on a TV show in France similar to America’s Got Talent


0:56:55: Matthias talks about how he got sponsored and put on in the flatland game


0:59:20: Do you consider it your duty to spread flatland around the world?


1:00:00: Who is the greatest flatlander of all time?


1:03:32: How much of an emphasis on style and speed is there in flatland?


1:05:20: Do you get dizzy all the time?


1:10:40: Alex talks about running a flatland school


1:14:26: We talk about how street riders are kind of closed minded about flatland tricks


1:18:59: What’s your daily practice schedule like?


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Re: TCU TV - The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 08:26:17 PM »
interesting interview.

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Re: TCU TV - The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2015, 11:39:38 AM »
really enjoyed watchin it id love to see more interview videos on here !:)

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Re: TCU TV - The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2015, 04:56:39 PM »
Quote from:  FATBMX
   America vs Europe. An interview with France's Alex Jumelin.   

Name: Jumelin Alex
Hometown: New Orleans uptown
Sponsors: Freegun, St Martin BMX, Ridegaston, Vans, Unkut.
Instagram: alexjumelin

As a kid growing up, did you always look for American things and needed to have those?
Alex: Yes of course! My favorite TV show was Fresh Prince of Bel Air, my favorite car was Kit from Knight rider and I was eating Mc Donald's everyday hahahaha.
Was the United States of Amerca a country you always wanted to move to if you had the chance?
Alex: Oh yes. From 1998 till when I moved there, I've always wanted to move to the USA, since I spent a lot of time there, either for riding or for personal occasions (like my Honeymoon).

When was the move from Paris to the USA set in motion?
Alex: In 2012, my wife got a job as a french teacher in New Orleans.

When you arrived, what were your first thoughts?
Alex: "Damn it's hot! "…finding a house is so easy compared to Paris but life in general is pretty expensive.

You've always been into cars. What car are you driving in the USA?
Alex: A $2500  98' Mustang.

People in Europe think there are riding spots and skateparks on every corner of the street in America. What is your experience?
Alex: Yes, there are a lot of skateparks in all big cities of the USA, New Orleans just opened a new one under the I-10. What I like is that most of the skateparks are made of cement. I was recently in Los Angeles and there I've seen a ton of skateparks, just in Long Beach I've seen 3 skateparks.

In general, there are not a lot of flatland riders making up the pro scene coming from America. Why do you think this is?
Alex: I grew up being inspired by riders from USA, like Kevin Jones, Chad de Groot, Jesse Puente and many more. I think USA riders like those I just mentioned built the foundations of modern flatland. So I cannot deny this precious heritage but these days it's very different. Most of the top american riders like Terry Adams, Matt Wilhelm or Pete Brandt are not really traveling that much into Europe or Japan where most of the contests happen. America have a lack of young and new flatland riders, so that's maybe why just a few like Tyler Gilliard, Gabe Kadmiri or some others will make it up to the pro scene if they travel. In the meantime, flatland in the USA doesn't bring a lot of sponsors, so for those young riders it's pretty hard to travel to Europe or Japan and enter pro contests.

But, hopefully for the American flatland scene, I've been to a few good events like the Voodoo Jam or Battle of the Rockies and those events are a sign for a good future in this country. Unfortunately, compared to the size of this country, that's a very little occasions for flatland to shine.

Most Americans hate things about Europe. What are some of the explanations that you had to make to change their mind? (girls don't shave their armpits, no ice in the drinks, the sh*t in the toilet just sits there, etc)
Alex: Yeah man, when I first met my wife, she had crazy hair under her armpits hahaha, no of course this one is not true, European girls, at least French girls shave their armpits (I am not totally sure about German girls hahaha).

What is totally true is about ice in the drinks and A/C, yes we don't do that. Every friend's place we've been going to was freezing cold.

Now let's turn it around. What do you think is stupid about 'Merica?
- A/C at 65 F when it's 80 F outside.
- prize of car insurance ( $200 a month for no coverage on a sh*tty car ).
- High Fructose Corn Syrup in most of food you buy in regular grocery store.
- The bumper stickers.
- education is a business (my wife wanted me to say that haha).
- way too easy to get a driving license.

What do you eat on a normal day?
Alex: Hotmeal and fruits in the morning, white meat & vegetables for lunch, rice & salad for dinner. I do a crap food day every Sunday with donuts, burgers and fried chicken at night.

How often and where do you use the 'drive through'?
Alex: Hahahaha to get cash at the bank, to get my fried chicken at Raisin' Canes every sunday. I think I use it 5 times a week.

Have you ever been to a car cinema?
Alex: No, I wish. I've seen some in LA but I've never been.

Do you shoot guns?
Alex: Hahahaha yes sometimes, only when I am in Texas with my friend Morgan Wade.

Do you have an American flag in the house?
Alex: Yes, on my skin of course.

Do you have a French flag in the house?
Alex: No but in my heart.

What do you dearly miss about France?
Alex: Paris and FOOD! of course my friends and family too.

When are you coming back?
Alex: This June 3rd, for at least one year.

Thanks to: My wife and kids and you for the interview.