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Heywood, manchester UK
« on: September 06, 2014, 12:31:38 AM »
I tried to learn a few years back, got some really basic stuff down but never properly got into it. Never even seen another flatland rider so that didnt help. Back when I used to skate having other people to skate with was what pushed you to learn and get passed those tricks that were more about committing rather than the skill, which you already have. Anyway i want to ride again, more seriously this time and learn what I've always wanted to so looking for people in my new town. Moved from Middleton to Heywood near Bury so if your around here that be cool but even M/cr would be alright too, I got the car. I'd do it whenever I could but we've got a 7 month old girl and she takes up a lot of time! With the new house too life has never been this busy so I need to do something where I can totally focus on something else, learning tricks was always good for that. love a smoke too, always got something nice with me if that helps sway you.
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