Author Topic: Dominik Nekolny wins Fight the Winter 2014 in Germany  (Read 2352 times)

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Dominik Nekolny wins Fight the Winter 2014 in Germany
« on: February 22, 2014, 10:44:12 PM »

The annual Fight the Winter contest took place in Göttingen, Germany today and Dominik won! Congratulations! Maybe you saw the little clip of Dom that we posted on IG and FB earlier. However, inspired by the Olympic winter games a different judging system and contest format was used this year. Every rider had 2 runs of which only the better one counted. That gave the riders the opportunity to show for example a safe run and also another one with harder tricks. The 3 judges were scoring (1 to 10 points) all runs immediately, showing the scores to the riders and audience right after the run in order to increase transparancy. The average of the 3 scores were then used to determine the final ranking.

Result with average scores:
1st Dominik Nekolny 9.3
2nd Kevin Nikulski 8.6
3rd Martin Drazil 8
4th Rayk Hahne 7.6
5th Dustyn Alt 6
6th Steffen Peter 5.6
7th Mates Tucek 5.3
8th Michal Kupec 5
9th Pavel Dort 4.6
10th John Krämer, Nico Bergmann 4
11th Malte Orth, Martin Drews, David Hoffmann 3.3
12th Maik Speer, Denny Reichswald 2.3
13th Georgios Perisakis 2

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Re: Dominik Nekolny wins Fight the Winter 2014 in Germany
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2014, 01:58:24 PM »
Fight the Winter BMX Flatland Contest 2014 by Manuel Bernardo Born to BMX