Author Topic: Jam Weekend Ahead - Australia, Chile, USA! + 2014 Roundup  (Read 2034 times)

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Jam Weekend Ahead - Australia, Chile, USA! + 2014 Roundup
« on: January 15, 2014, 08:39:12 AM »

We're about to hit the first big jam and contest weekend of the year. All the action will be on January 18. If you haven't done it yet then it's clearly time to call your friends and plan that roadtrip!

Your options are:
- Downunderground Round 1 in Sydney, Australia
- Ovalo Flat Contest in Curico, Chile
- One Love Jam in Newport Beach, CA, USA

We'd love to hear from you after the contests. Send us some photos and words if you like: 

At the moment flights may still be cheap so why don't you plan ahead a bit for the upcoming season. Here is what we already know:

January 18th in Australia: DownUnderGround 2013 - Round 1 - Sydney
January 18th in United States: One Love Jam
January 18th in Chile: Ovalo Flat Contest
February 9th in Costa Rica: BMX WAR Jam
February 14th - 16th in France: A.B.C of Flatland
February 16th in Costa Rica: Ticos Jam 2014
February 22nd in United States: Winter Jam 2014
February 22nd in Germany: Fight The Winter 4
February 28th - 2nd in Canada: CFO’s Flatland Unlimited 10
April 12th in Brazil: Fystaile Flat Jam
April 24th - 26th in Czech Republic: Bike Hall Contest 10
April 26th - 27th in France: Astrolabe 4
May 5th in Japan: C3 Jam in Toyama
May 9th - 11th in Switzerland: Bike Days 2014
May 28th - 1st in France: FISE Montpellier 2014
August 10th in Japan: C3 Jam in Okayama
September 21st - 22nd in United States: Aloha Jam - Hawaii

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Re: Jam Weekend Ahead - Australia, Chile, USA! + 2014 Roundup
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 02:22:42 AM »
Just added to the event schedule is the SPRINGTIME CLOCKTOWER JAM on March 9th,2014 and
PETE BRANDT will be hosting this jam at his riding spot and I am helping promote it of course
and the Clocktower is Pete's own riding spot and which is located right across from the Ferry
building and  the bottom of Market Street in DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO!

Jesse Puente has already said he wants to come up for it and there are many pros who live
here and ride which include Pete Brandt,Day Smith,Dylan Worsley,Kerry Gatt,Andrew Arroyo
to name a few plus a lot more riders also in Santa Rosa including Darin,Dave,Mike Robbins,
Dirty Steve H etc..

More will be posted soon about this Jam!!