Author Topic: DownUnderGround Round 3 + Year End Results  (Read 6563 times)

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DownUnderGround Round 3 + Year End Results
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:15:08 AM »

Shane Badman won the final round of the DownUnderGround series in Melbourne. Paul Chamberlain took the 2nd place and won the overall series this year. Congratulations! Below are the results of the 3rd round followed by year end ranking.

Check Flatland Australia for a few more photos a short report.

 1st Shane Badman
 2nd Paul Chamberlain
 3rd Grant Cruise
 4th Phil Frueh
 5th RonKing Tan
 6th DBS Shaun

 1st Andre
 2nd Matt Wootton
 3rd Shaun Jarvis
 4th Jamie Hooton
 5th Kit McKenna
 6th Karl Hughes
 7th June Dungca

Year End Ranking - Pro
1st Paul Camberlain
2nd Phillip Freuh
3rd Simon O’Brien
4th Shane Badman
5th Yasushi Kajiwala
6th Michaël Husser
7th Grant Cruise
8th RonKing Tan
9th Rhys Mason
10th Brett Dighton
11th DBS Shaun

Year End Ranking - Advance
1st Andre
2nd Shaun Jarvis
3rd Matt Wootton
4th Jamie Hooton
5th Kit McKenna
6th Jason Parker
7th Andrew Lightbody
8th Karl Hughes
9th June Dungca
10th Billy Brooks
11th Lee Kirkman
12th Shaun Ahern
13th Jason Ronksley