Author Topic: parts | Calvin Tan's S-kill by Aresbikes  (Read 1013 times)

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parts | Calvin Tan's S-kill by Aresbikes
« on: September 22, 2012, 07:46:28 AM »

Calvin's bike is looking very nice, and gives a good look at the new S-kill frame from Aresbikes all built up.

Source: facebook/instagram

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Re: parts | Calvin Tan's S-kill by Aresbikes
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 06:25:22 AM »
i think the beige frame might look better;
it's like a smallish street specific bike up-close in person;
rear- heavy bike at the moment;
and has 13.5"(?) slammed chainstay length;
setup is now at 9t rear and 25t sprocket, one halflink away from slammed rear wheel; can't slam the rear wheels as the halflinks are off by 1/2 mm; 
the c.s. & s.t. angled endcaps catches the foot while pivoting;
and possibly similar stepover height as the s&m/ maybe deco too.

mods to be done later -
slots to be grinded further in (with great trepidation as the lower half of the dropout slot is stupid-thin) to enable 1 halflink to be dropped and enable easy chain removal, also to enable pegs to be closer to the c.s. & s.t. endcaps, ending potential foot hang-ups; better distribution of weight.
36 spokes front n rear wheels to drop weight, might use alloy nipples;
fork steerer tube to be shorten.
it's 13.25" c.s. length when slammed.
we won't be grinding the dropout slots - there's an o.g. drill-hole in front of the slots, if we remove 2mm of material from the slots, it's almost touching the o.g. drill hole making it very weak and potential crack area.
calvin is also waiting for a new stem, so the operation to trim the steer tube is on hold also.
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