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Indigo Industrial BMX X SCMT La Familia for Chris Böhm
« on: July 21, 2012, 06:59:44 PM »

Maybe for BMX riders both in Indonesia and the world, are not necessarily familiar with the name Chris Böhm, one of the best BMX Flatland riders from Germany. a variety of photos, videos and news articles about Chris Böhm familiar we meet. The videos can be accessed at, already described how the fame of a Chris Böhm. Not to mention the dozens of beautiful and sexy woman that is surrounding. As if to say to us, that he is a Super Sexy and high-minded. this case that would illustrate, that Flatland is the most aesthetically Pleasing of all genres BMX. In Indonesia, for now we can see how he plays with his bike through a video which he shared with we all. Fast, lively, full of great strength and accountable to what have given by the Almighty. But that's a miracle that owned Chris Böhm. And hopefully one day he could take the time to visit Indonesia. God Bless ...

On this day, Saturday July 21 2012, Indigo Industrial BMX and SCMT La Familia given the opportunity by the Almighty to work again be creative. Provide a value-added of Community BMX in Indonesia on the world, and Chris Böhm which we believe that brand Indonesia can contribute to the world. Through a touch of "exotic" his riding flatland. And here's a little gift we can give to the world, through a Chris Böhm, I hope you enjoy :D

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