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Queimada Contest BMX
« on: July 11, 2007, 09:43:53 PM »
Country: Spain
Location: Vigo
Date: 11.08.2007 - 12.08.2007


The days 11 and 12 of August the third edition of the QUEIMADA CONTEST BMX and seventh of MARISQUIÑO SKATE two events will be celebrated in Vigo that year after year don't finish growing. After locating itself during last editions in the Top of the championships of BMX and SKATE of our country. We have thought that this year was the suitable moment to go beyond and to sobredetermine the proportions the event joining them in he himself enclosure but with its individual and adapted tracks for each modality. In order to begin, this year we changed of location, we left "skatepark del Castro" that so many good moments has given us and we go away to the Marine Stroll of the "club nautico de Vigo".
There we will have the space that we needed to continue growing. Both competitions will be celebrated so much in their modality of STREET, which we will have track of SKATE and track of BMX, like in the spectacular modality of HALF PIPE, at which it will be the only opportunity that we will be this year old to see in Spain the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK BULL HALF PIPE. Another newness is the modality of FLATLAND, more well-known as ground with bmx.
But a good incline does not guarantee the spectacle without good RIDERS, and this year the attendance will be spectacular. RIDERS and national equipment are confirmed best, and true international surprises that according to approach the dates we will be keeping awake in www.marisquiñ and But QUEIMADA CONTEST and O MARISQUIÑO like the STREET sports, are not only deport, but that are a form to understand the life. Asin previous years the BREAK DANCES will be present with the best B-BOYS of our country, but in this edition we will have the unique opportunity to see in Spain French LILOU and their CREW, possibly the best B-BOY of the world that accompanied by their MC' S will make jig about until the most shy. We will count on exhibitions of PARKOUR in charge of FIFTH ELEMENT, the Spanish group with more international projection. We will install a GAME AREA with the last new videogames.
We will create a exhibition area, where representing of the Urban Art of all Europe they made interventions in situ. By all means, it cannot lack music, we will have DJ SETS throughout all the weekend, animating the competitions and exhibitions. And at night, to finish the celebration, we will have concerts, of course. A weekend of spectacle and diversion in one of the most emblematic places of Rías Baixas, the marine stroll of Navigation, in front of the market of the stone, where the better is tasted "o marisquiño" country.