Author Topic: Rider of the Month, July 2011: Michael van der Kroft from the Netherlands  (Read 2643 times)

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 Michael is a great example of the new breed of young, talented hungry riders coming through in flatland today.  I’m always amazed when I see raw talent and control coming through at an early age, especially with such focus and determination.  It’s also interesting to see how not riding affects Michael too, I know how he feels!  What I really like is Michael’s view on turning pro…  We all dream about it, young and old, but I’m glad to see he’s not rushing…  Mind you, his time does seem to have come… 

Rider of the Month Interview: Michael van der Kroft 

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such a good guy!

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Michael seems really cool, stoked that he's Rider of the Month!
If you'd like to see a bit more from him, Flatstyle recently interviewed him and posted a new video @

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f*ck yeah!!
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