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There's always a lot of questions about this bike.  I just got one so I thought I'd start a single thread as a clearinghouse for Signal info.

Here's some specs I got this evening that can't be found on the DK website anywhere:

Complete bike weight, minus reflectors, chain guard, etc.:  31 lbs.

Frame     5lbs.  10.8oz.
Fork       3lbs.   2.2oz.
Handlebars - 1lb 11oz - 37 ounces - 757g
Brakes             4.4oz.ea.
Sprocket          6.2oz.
Crank     2lbs.   1.0oz. w/o bearing/hardware
Chain               8.2oz.

Weight: .43 lbs.  6.88 ounces, 195 grams each
Pair: .86 lbs. 13.76 ounces 390 grams
Size 4.375 long by 2" diameter

RIMS:  Chrome 48 spoke Sun ZX25  280 grams each
Front - 1076 g (37.96 ounces 2.37 pounds)
Rear - 1299.81 g (45.85 ounces 2.87 pounds)
Total = 5.24 pounds 83.80 ounces

Tires: 655 g (23.45 ounces 1.47 lbs)

Stock Pedals: Wellgo LU-A8
Black - 576 g/pr
Wellgo pedals have easily removable reflectors

Taska 12 tooth non-sealed freecoaster.  No aftermarket smaller sprockets known to be available.

Seat Clamp: 28.6 grams (it's actually stamped on the bottom of the clamp - that's what it weighed as well).

Seat Post: 195 grams

Seat: Made by Velo for DK (stamped on the bottom of the seat) 516 grams with the guts.  375 grams without.  Seat length: 235mm long

Handlebars: 6.5" rise, 23.5" wide

Total Rise from bottom of stem to middle of the top of the handlebar grips: 7.75"

Also, I searched for the best bargain and ended up at Flatlandfuel.  Most every place offers them for around $289, but one Ebay company offers free shipping (but their feedback seems to show them to have slow and less than optimum service) and another online store engages in a very deceptive practice of labeling all of their bikes with a "FREE SHIPPING" label.  The only thing is that the offer has an "asterisk" and that leads to a disclaimer that "oversize" items aren't included.  I didn't see where the definition of what was "oversized" was listed anywhere easily seen, so I decided to avoid them and their crappy dishonest sales schemes (Kona - cough-).  I ended up back at Flatlandfuel.  I got my bike in a couple of days and there were no suprises.


If anyone has any questions, comments, measurement or picture requests, let me know.  I'll update the thread as I gather more info.

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hey guys,i just started on this forum today.i was hoping that someone else out there with a dk signal could help me out or at least steer me in the right direction.the threaded sprocket on the freecoaster cracked in 5 places from torque,and i dont know where to find a replacement.i welded it on for a temporary fix.has anyone used guts from another f/c with replacement parts available?theres not many flatlanders out here,so i'm pretty much on my own for ideas.if i can't easily find a sprocket i'll just buy a custom set of wheel.except for the sprocket the stock wheels have been great.  thanks,dime   

Taska doesnt sell the cogs separately for that hub but I have found another brand that works. Unfortunately they are $20 for just the cog. Keep in mind that for $35 you can buy another whole hub so you would get a new driver (which you will need anyway if you welded the old cog to it), bearings, cog, axle and everything else.

Here's a photo of my Signal



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