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Re: News from Zion Bikes by Mislav
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Yes, this.

No chrome!

Read this (right-click on the pic and choose "view image" or whatever to expand to full size). A very interesting read.

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I just started getting into flatland stuff about 3 days ago and suck so far, I blame my sh*tty bike and lack of practice.

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Re: News from Zion Bikes by Mislav
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Its true what that article says,
chroming 4130 cromoly steel (and other steels) causes hydrogen embrittlement but if the chromer knows what he's doing he will apply a heat treatment procedure called "hydrogen embrittlement relief". This process will remove or redistribute the Hydrogen.

Technically, chromed 4130 steel will crack more easy than painted 4130 steel.
Im sure the chromers for Profile know what there doing since you hardly ever see one of there cranks broken, but can you really trust the chromers in taiwan?
Or does this all really make a big difference?

You can read more about this at the NMFRC: