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Annual Christmas Jam
« on: November 29, 2008, 11:50:48 AM »
Country: France
Location: Salle Gabrial Leonard, 14 rue de St-Germain En Laye, 78260 Acheres
Date: 14.12.2008

Alex Jumelin and friends present the christmas jam 2008!
It´ll take place in Alex´s famous secret spot in Acheres (Suburb of Paris) 14th December. (The day after the bad jam in paris). Come there have fun! a small amateur contest and many many stupid Bmx flatland games.

Chocolates and Prizes for the best riders.

Santa Claus Will be there, so come aswell!

Sweet kisses from Paris!


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Re: Annual Christmas Jam
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Present!  :ph34r:

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Re: Annual Christmas Jam
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look's like santa is about to grab mathias face  ^_^
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