Author Topic: Front Brake???  (Read 2441 times)

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Re: Front Brake???
« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2008, 06:22:10 PM »
put soder on the cable where you want to cut it.
melt it all the away around it.

then cut cable with dremel tool cut off wheel.
go slow.
use barely preassure on it when cutting.

wear eye protection.

no frayed out ends.  ;D
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Re: Front Brake???
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great f*ckin idea!!!
i will use this next time

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Re: Front Brake???
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dude... your cable is sooo smooth.

My end is all messed up and frayed... whats the secret?!

To start I use slic cables, so maybe that's part of it, since they are better quality than a K-Mart cheap-o (not saying you are using cheap cables), and when I install it, I use some sort of tape like electical tape on the end, so when I route it, it doesn't catch on anything and start to fray.  On the brake side I just make sure I take my time, and really do it right.  You would be amazed if you go slow through the whole process that not one strand will unwind.  Then it's just a matter of adjustments little by little, and boom, super smooth, super clean brakes!  Also make sure you use a good lube even on a new slic cable.  I use something with a teflon base like tri-flow, it just makes it so much smoother, and try to keep the length as short as possible, but not so short that there are kinks anywhere.  One last thing is to grease the ball end that goes into the lever, and the brake bosses before you put on the brakes.  When tightening the springs only use the least amount of tension to keep the pads off the rim, it works better than more tension, even if it seems like more is better.    
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