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Re: 36h vs 48h
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2008, 02:02:40 PM »
so how much do you guys running 36h wheels weigh? I will be in the market for a new custom wheelset soon and thought about running 36s....Im 5 7" and about 165lbs, is that too heavy for 36s and someone that puts a bike through alot?

Guys... 36 hole rims are VERY strong, they will last long and are reliable.

What I, and others are saying a 48 spoke rim is stronger, period, and if you're going to build up a rim from scratch a 48 spoker, arguably, is stronger.

It's a no brainer for me to automatically look at the 48 spokers just because there stronger... this leaves me with 2 thoughts... do people think 36 spokes look better or they want to save like .0000003 grams??? Why would you not want a stronger rim???  ;D ;D