Author Topic: Win a new Sickchild Frame!  (Read 1964 times)

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Win a new Sickchild Frame!
« on: August 14, 2006, 08:44:13 PM »

This is the refreshed version of the Sickchild Baddabling frame, Peter Hollinger is already testing his prototype for a few weeks. If you are into photoshop then you can win one of those frames. Ed is looking for a new tshirt design, you can send him your designs via myspace and Ed will choose the best one. The designer will get one of the new frame ..

If you need some more information you can contact Ed through myspace.

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Re: Win a new Sickchild Frame!
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2006, 12:39:17 AM »
Its true! You could be one of the first people to be rocking the new SickChild Baddabling! Check it out-


74.5 head angle
Available in an 18.5" or 19" toptube
Internal headset
With or without brake mounts option
Revised dropout
Thinner tubing in the rear triangle, saving some weight while retaining the legendary strength.

Heres the deal, straight from Ed's mouth. . . .

Alright peeps. This is a myspace exclusive. Here is the deal. as you all probably know i am a total slacker. Otherwise id probably post this on pedal too but im tired and need to brew another cup of coffee. Anyway i need a new t shirt design and i dont have the programs or the computer skills to design a logo. I hate dealing with graphic designers that dont ride so im putting this on the riders. And my friends of course are welcome to participate. The person who's design i choose to use will get a brand spanking new sick child frame. The new frames are almost done so i thought this would be a fun way to hype sh*t up.

Here are the stipulations-

*I would prefer the design to incorporate the logo since it is my corporate identity

*If you need the logo email me and i will send you the logo in whatever format you want. otherwise just grab it off of the myspace.

*If you win you get a frame and the fame and thats that. i get the design and get to use it to make shirts and millions and millions of dollars.

*If i dont like any of the designs no one gets a frame.

*Feel free to spread the word


Below is a hi-res version of the logo, right click, save picture. . .

Send your designs to, or if you so desire, me, at and ill make sure Ed gets it.
The closing date is September 13th so get cracking!

The best of luck to everyone and DAMN . . . you want this frame!