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Ignore Button
« on: May 11, 2008, 10:48:56 AM »

you know that an international forum like global-flat is a place where you can find people from many different countries / cultures / circles of friends / etc. All of them may have different opinions and ways to express them. We don't agree with all of them but we only intervene if we have the feeling a discussion get's totally out of hand or is very inappropriate.

Some of you probably wish we would ban some people and others think that those people spice the forum up with their different opinions or sense of humor. We can give both parties the advice to try to get along with each other.

If you nevertheless feel very disturbed by the posts of certain members then you can ignore their posts from now on.

That's the ignore button, it appears besides every post now:

If you ignore someone you'll only see a small hint instead of his or her posts + a link to show the posts again.

We would still like to ask you to report inappropriate posts if you notice them and furthermore that post doesn't mean that we are never ever going to ban someone.
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Re: Ignore Button
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Thank you Martin.

Re: Ignore Button
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ignore me  ignore me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Ignore Button
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" flt trix rider43:ignore me  ignore me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Oh, WOW! I didn't see you there! Your non-use of CAPS threw me off!    =)

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HEYA 502


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