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General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatlanders get no respect
« Last post by rideflat43 on Today at 01:14:03 AM »

Don't we all dream of a warehouse to ride year around
even here in Nor-Cal as it rains a lot from November until
May sometimes like now..rain for the last two days and

Yeah,flatland videos are far and few being made and most are posted on facebook,
and numerous other sites now and Flatland CD's have really gone dinosaur on us...
I am hoping they make a comeback!
General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatland is best underground
« Last post by mal on Yesterday at 08:40:27 PM »
The only reason flatland shouldn't go completely underground for me is parts.

We already have a hard time finding flatland parts and all of us know well that they are so more expensive than the street/park/etc parts because they are made by small companies that can't deal a better price because of the orders numbers..

Check out aluminum pegs prices for example,for 400grams of aluminum (4 pegs) you have to pay 140 euros. Because they are made in such a small quantity.Thats insane! Thats almost half the cost of a new frame!

I personally import 100% of my parts from other countries,nobody is selling flatland products in my country anymore.So if i break something flatland specific i have to wait 7 to 10 days to ride again.

It can't be a lot more underground than it is now to be honest,we are numbered! I would keep riding flat even if i was the only one left,i do it for myself,but..we need the parts!

(and also for supporting all the flatlanders that are running a bmx business for living.Most of them have contributed and had chosen the difficult path of making bmx their life fulltime,got to respect and support this!)
Parts and Bikes / Re: Freecoaster recommendations?
« Last post by DaddyCool on Yesterday at 10:27:14 AM »
What about 4:07? I think when you want to do a ride-out like this, stopping a backwards moving by starting to pedal, it would not work because the hub is still disengaged. As far as I understand it can only engage while the backwheel is in a forward rotation relative to the frame. This might cause trouble, what do you think?
General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatland is best underground
« Last post by DaddyCool on Yesterday at 10:19:16 AM »
This is an interesting discussion!
I remember an interview with Alexis Desloneux in the German "FreedomBMX" magazine in about 1998. He said that for him riding is not even about tricks, but about the feeling you have when you move with/on the bike. I thought about this again and again for years and this is totally true for me. It is not to impress anyone and I also enjoy spots where I ride totally alone so I can focus and "meditate" and just enjoy the feeling of executing a trick/combo.
I also wondered very often why so many riders want to make flatland bigger and more well known. I mean if I ride alone at an "underground" spot, at this time it does not make a difference how many people in the society have an idea what flatland is. So basically it is not important to me. On the other hand it is kind of strange to see that for many years I know almost all riders when I come to a contest. No new riders for years... And if this goes on the scene will decrease and one day you cannot buy flatland parts because it is not worth for any company to produce thme because there is no market for it. Then it would be too less riders and so a little bit of "advertising" might be good for flatland.
General Flatland Forum / Re: all time best flatland productions. (Videos)
« Last post by aliasdck on Yesterday at 07:15:41 AM »
Yup once this virus problem gets under control I'd love to, we could ride then watch some vids.

I have watched landscape 3 many times already, bought a copy the day it was released and the watched it a bunch of times. Very very good movie, I wish we had many more like them.
General Flatland Forum / Re: all time best flatland productions. (Videos)
« Last post by rideflat43 on Yesterday at 06:01:16 AM »

Yeah plenty of stuff to watch on youtube and like I said one of these days
you need to come over Richard and watch Landscapes 3

I use to ride with CareBear all the time in Danville and then also Walnut Creek
and he has a unique style and so does Dylan Worsley who is a fellow Fugitive
also.I have pretty much rode with everyone that you mentioned MAL and they
all do have different styles in rolling and rotations of their bikes and direction
and speeds.

Carebear by the way is our nickname for Kerry Gatt and Drew,Gabe and Jeff
Tsai use to ride with him all the time and him being a Kiwi or New Zealander ..
The railroad and the Danville church were we all rode at and Kerry worked at
Danville Hotel in the restaurant across the street from the Railroad parking lot,
back in the days!
General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatland is best underground
« Last post by rideflat43 on Yesterday at 05:44:10 AM »

I just found yet another spot..just 4 minutes from my house
and with offices close and no one in that parking is perfect
to ride in and has a small overhang incase of wetness or sprinkles.
I am going to go check it out tomorrow to see how wet the overhang
is with all this rain we are getting now.

I also have the Kaiser overhang to go to incase of rain,but it is a 20
minute drive and not bad since the freeways are all empty now.but
I do not want to risk being pulled over or something.Since my pass
is just for the Tri-Valley Area where I live and Walnut Creek is outside
of that Tri Valley area.CHP(California Highway Patrol) have set up
checkpoints where they sit on the side of the freeway to stop certain
vehicles!Instead of DUI checkpoints as it is called the CORVID CHECK
POINTS of all things!

But after a few looks like good riding weather....
Sunday 53/38 Rain
Monday 53/39 Rain
Tuesday 63/43 partly cloudy
Wednesday 65/48 partly cloudy
Thursday  68/49 sunny
Friday  69/50 partly cloudy
Saturday 71/51 partly cloudy
Sunday 72/50 sunny
Monday 72/50 sunny
General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatland is best underground
« Last post by Timmer74 on Yesterday at 05:21:15 AM »
"Flatland is my meditation,people disrupt my meditation process"

Amen to that Mal! I ride to get away try and forget the day to day grind(s)... I brought this up in another thread where I feel like flatlanders don't get a lot of respect from people. It's my 'yoga' and so when yoga mom shows up with her kids and doesn't pay attention to her kids (or at least ask them to leave the weird old dude on a little bike some room) I want to ask her where she does yoga so that I can show up and ruin her zen moment.

I agree though that a lot of the 'holy crap, what did he just do?!' type stuff was probably learned out and away from the masses/crowds/etc... like Rodney Mullen and skateboarding. but, at some point, these flatland magicians need to come out of their underground bunkers to show the rest of us what they're been up to and motivate/inspire/just share the awesome.

sadly, my 'best' spot to ride is not in a well lit batcave. I dodge the soccer/basket/foot balls,  frisbees, dogs, idiot adults not giving me any room,  kids riding bikes with training wheels under me when I ride. I wonder how much of these distractions are keeping me from progressing. When a big part of your mind is focussed on trying to do something on your bike and then you have to leave another portion open to 'where did that kid he under me...oh no, there's that damn dog again..etc...' that has to affect your progress...right?

Personally, I don't ride to impress anybody. I don't care if somebody watches me try the same trick over and over and over and over and over and over... that's on them. maybe watching me ride is their moment of zen.

With that said, there was one dude that rode with me very briefly... he rode to 'show off'. It's all he talked about... well that and money... and 'back in the day'.... He didn't understand how I wanted nothing more than to be left alone so that I could ride. Not a bad dude... just totally wired differently I guess...

I don't even know if my reply was on topic :).... I just figured I'd reply when I saw Mal's post.

ride on...
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