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Title: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: mtbmonkey on August 23, 2021, 09:51:19 PM
Is Danville still alive?  It's been awhile for me.  Where are the spots at.  I need some inspiration.

Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on August 24, 2021, 08:37:41 PM
Dont think so, last time mutt was on here it didnt sound like it anyways.

Pete brandt may still be riding at the clocktower from time to time, i dont know though as Ive never reached out to him.

There have got to be a handful of riders spread throughout the bay area and maybe even up in sac or down in fresno.

Im in Modesto and out riding almost every single day, but Im alone out here as far as i know. Let me know if you ever want to ride, I wouldnt mind driving a ways if it meant getting a chance to ride with somebody else for a change. Last time I rode with another flatlander had to be like 10-15 years ago...
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 16, 2021, 07:08:05 PM
Okay, I am going to try to get THE SPOT SCENE back a bit for now and
I have Team Mutt going again, so anyone needs flatland parts as I can help
you and just start showing up at The Spot in Danville On Sundays...

Big hair Richard.. I know one of these two are him and the other as I have no
idea who you are..

I know that OSG, Jun Jun and myself will be out there and we will see if Drew and Ed will
show up and go from there... get ahold of me at 925-201-9243    43 yooooooooooooo
norcal number!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 18, 2021, 03:34:21 AM
Mutt, it's Big hair. I'd love to get together and ride soon but I'm not sure yet if I can this Sunday as I already had plans in the making HOWEVER I may still be able to go just not sure yet.

I'll give you a call soon, I miss you. And I miss the scene. Been riding daily almost going on 3 years now but it's all been by myself here in Modesto... it's time to crawl out of the hole I've been in and spend some time with other flatlanders.

Talk to you soon. If you get a call from a 951 area code in the next day or so then that will be me.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 19, 2021, 12:07:42 AM
Yeah I started a new Group Page on Facebook for all the Nor-Cal Flatland
Riders and it is going to be the official site for everything and the Nor-Cal
Jams etc...

I have been talking to Bottle, Ed, OSG and Myself and I know there are a few
others too and yeah this is not the huge way it was back in 1998-2012 when it was
a Flatland Mecca and the Whose Who of Flatland rode and lived there in Danville

Kerry Gatt
Ross Smith
Anthony Durbano
Nathan Penezek
Martti Kouppa
Marcel Tremblay
Dan Rigby
Stefan Cerra
Andrew Arroyo
Ed Bonoil

etc etc... Lee Musselwhite
Chris Young

Some real flat history there at the spot and in Danville back then and very good

Call me at 925-201-9243 and yeah whoever this MTBmonkey is??

Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 19, 2021, 01:03:10 AM
f*ck calling, I hate talking on those phones plus I'm a little paranoid the entire internet has spawned consciousness anyways with how complex it's gotten over the last couple decades. Seriously though I hate talking on the phone, so don't take offense but im not calling anymore.

I am planning to be there Sunday. I have been riding hard nearly every day now for the last few years trying to catch up to where I should be had I never stopped. I need to ride with other riders. So I'm hoping I don't drive all the way out there and then find myself riding by myself. So if any of you NorCal riders see this then please show up Sunday if you can. I need some inspiration and a little extra motivation won't hurt me either.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 19, 2021, 04:04:21 AM
What time you going to be out there on Sunday...
Marcel is here and myself and I will call OSG and see
who I can call ..Maybe Jun Jun also.!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 19, 2021, 06:54:55 AM
Idk exactly what time I'd get there maybe around 11am then ride until dark maybe 5PM? What do you think?
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 20, 2021, 03:58:19 AM
Okay, that is cool and I am getting ahold of people and it may take a few Sundays
but I have like 6 flat riders to get out there and nothing like when it was a FLAT
MECCA .. but say 4-5 riders or so to start out with as I know it will be myself, Marcel,
OSG and you.

So, who is this MTB monkey person and i am trying to figure it out and do i know him
and he seems to ride flatland? You got my number on here and yeah try to get ahold
of Kyle, Ying Yang and Jason and maybe not for this Sundays, but for other ones!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 20, 2021, 05:13:26 AM
My guess is that he is somebody you already know and they are just messing with you. I can think of several who would fit such a description.

I cannot go every Sunday. Sunday is the only day of the week when I can spend time with my significant other, so if I start going out there every Sunday then it will cause me very serious relationship issues and this relationship is going on for over 20 years now so I'm not jeopardizing it. Max I can probably agree to would be like one Sunday a month. Unless you want to do Saturdays afternoons sometimes as I can make those from time to time.

Fair warning, I am not the same man I was before...
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: khe killah on November 20, 2021, 10:12:15 AM
Yo Mutt... mtbmonkey is a registered member of this forum. Do a user search and maybe try sending him a PM.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 21, 2021, 03:50:20 AM
Mutt, I will be there tomorrow morning between 11am and noon and then will likely stay until dark.

Where exactly are we riding, do you have an address or the nearest cross streets? If I remember correctly "The Spot" (aka the park and ride in Danville) is no longer any good. Let me know where to go and I'll be there tomorrow.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 21, 2021, 06:57:08 AM
THINGS FELL APART.. the thing as Ed is staying up in North Petaluma at his house,
Bottle is busy as I have heard and well I have not heard from JUN JUN at all and
Marcel is not riding right now and has some things to do for Precision Products
tomorrow. Drew has to work tomorrow and OSG.. I am not sure he will show either,
so yeah not worth the time to come out....

I am not even going to try to get people to ride anymore and The Spot in areas are
not good or rideable but there is the whole A side is good still and parts of it... I have
a lot of good hard clay basketball courts to ride on and some are lite until 10pm or

If you want to ride tomorrow then show up as i will be out there at 11ish and yeah I
will try to get ahold of OSG.. I will be out there for sure and see who shows up but I
am not holding my breathe...I am down to ride!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 21, 2021, 04:47:49 PM
Mutt, I kind of figured already that nobody would show up today. But I'm still willing to meet you out there around 11am regardless (maybe 11:30am, I might not make it right at 11am) Maybe if I start showing up like once a month or so it'll help encourage others to start coming out and maybe slowly we can rebuild the scene again.

Besides, I haven't seen you in what... over 13 maybe 15 years now? I'd like to ride with you again and catch up a bit. Since I HATE talking on phones that means the catching up part has to be in person. So im driving out there and spending the day on my bike just like used to do. Im hoping you'll be there, im even hoping by some miracle another rider or two decide to show up as well.

If the park and ride on sycamore valley rd still has good sections for flatland then that is fine with me. I just thought you said it had gotten too worn and uneven, maybe I misunderstood. Let me know if that's where you want to meet if not then let me know where.

Try to stay positive Mutt. You had such a incredible impact on my life when we met many many years ago. I was a young teenager who wasn't that serious about flatland yet and by some miracle our paths crossed. You helped me out with free tires and parts which was HUGE for me at that age as my parents where struggling financially. And I met some incredible riders through you like Nathan Penonzek and Ross Smith just to name a few. All of this changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful. Without flatland becoming the single most important thing in my life I would be a miserable f*ck, instead I have flatland as an incredible passion and hobby and I couldn't ask for more. I am forever grateful for that mutt, thank you. I have no doubt you have managed to have similar impacts on other flatlanders as well over the years.

I'll see you out there.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 21, 2021, 06:14:23 PM
9:05:35 AM
Just got up and I will try to get ahold of JUN JUN again and OSG!
Not saying they will show up, as the Nor-Cal Flat Scene is pretty dead
right now.

I do know Drew is working today.. Andrew Arroyo and The Bottle is busy and
so Is Ed Bonoil and Marcel has work to do on Precision Products, but says if
people show up, as I can go pick him up to hang out for awhile!

Like I said I have basketball courts and other places to ride at and everyone doing
their own thing and no idea when or how much they are riding!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 21, 2021, 06:49:11 PM
Ok well I'm leaving my house in a few minutes and will go to park and ride in Danville. I do not know the area very well so if you want to meet somewhere else you'd either have to meet me at the park and ride so I can follow you there otherwise let me know where exactly you'd prefer (id need something I can find on google maps like an address or the closest cross streets or nearby landmark etc) I'll check back in here periodically.

Thanks Mutt, see you soon buddy.
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 21, 2021, 07:18:04 PM




Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: fltmutt43 on November 23, 2021, 03:01:19 AM
Session yesterday was okay and we will try it again in two weeks from yesterday
and see who shows up and I will get ahold of people ahead of time a bit more and
see if we can get 4-5 flat riders out there on 12/5/2021.

I will get the blower out to blow THE SPOT out and yeah it is the rainy season and
this sh*t happens. More information to come soon on next The Spot Session!
Title: Re: Nor Cal Riders
Post by: aliasdck on November 23, 2021, 06:03:25 AM
Mutt I had a blast and will be coming out as often as I can manage! You rock buddy, never stop doing what you do please.