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Title: Time to read - Time to ride
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Time to read :
CREAM#19 flatland contents
- On the cover, Nathan Penonzek in Lima , Peru - Camilo Guiterez photo
- A special South-america report from Nathan and Colombian contest by Bibi and Dropsy
- Voodoo Jam in Louisville
- Ninja Spin contest and Ninja riders
- 100 contests
- King of Ground Round 1

Freedom #70 flatland contents
- Ninja Spin
- Hello my name is : Waldemar Fatkin

Time to ride :
First, click on that photo link. Now, answer the following question :"Am i interested in visiting a Jam where those 2 persons are riding too ?". Your answer is yes ? So just for your information - Matthias Dandois is organising a Jam on the 8th of July at the base de loisoir de Draveil ( near Paris, France ). From 2 pm until the night. Adam Kun and lots of french and international riders will be there. And you, of course. 


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