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2009-12-25 06:03:23 -

I'm still stoked about my pegs.

2009-09-22 04:21:54 -

Salut je suis Michael. Jai 23 et commence le flatland dans la belle ville de quebec .
Je recois mon bike jeudi le 24 sept. Je me cherche des amis pour rider :)
Je suis presentment au megaspin comme avancement.

2009-02-03 04:24:49 -

2008-04-26 18:49:19 -

Well, Pegs are now officially in the "Pre-Production" stage. I'm finalizing dimensions, I'm making these pegs I want them to be made at the price I was hoping for. Hopefully I'll be able to get these off by summer. I'm making 100 pegs so it'll be limited. I haven't got a solid price for you yet, but I do know they're going to be light and strong and very affordable to everyone!

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