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2013-06-05 08:17:20 -

You in AZ?

2011-02-06 00:12:46 -

hi zach,
recieved your message,
one thing is that I will give you your wheels back, butt I want my two seats you apparently sold or still have. I have had a friend watching your ebay sales and you appartently made good on one of the seats witch I have'nt heard anything from you on. so I would like the return of the seats in there condition as I gave them to you.
if you rather keep that money fine- but then don't consider your wheels back- .
I thought helping you out make'n money and helping you out with bike conections would have pleased you butt guess not.
Again I guess I lose. I'm going to be in the hostal for the next few weeks and I would rather not be bothered with your delima.

2010-10-25 21:38:29 -

hey Z- finally got on globel-hopefully i'll find a frame....ttyl

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