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About me: I built up a flatland bike this fall/winter in hopes of really getting into it. I started learning basic flat tricks, then realized that the bike just felt way too small. An 18.66" top tube and a low bar/stem combo don't work well with a 6' tall guy. It's almost all sold off now and the money was then put into my park bike, but I hope to stay in the sport. I will be converting a (shitty) street bike into a hybrid flat/park bike and plan on learning more flat.

I also have accounts under the BMX Museum and the BMX Forum under the same name. I am also registered under Vital BMX and Pink Bike under the screen name "thelen".

Check out my website. I started the Michigan State BMX Club in the fall of 2010:

Check out my current ride:,27/Fly-Pantera,1226719

sold = sold to that person
bought = bought from that person

Global Flat:
Silky Johnson, now know as Jam Circle (sold)
top_rider (sold)
nasty (sold)
subscene (bought)
jm (sold)
Mako (sold)

BMX Forum:
Greasedmonkey (sold)
LiveLoveDie (sold)
netty_speghetti (sold)
Droogskull (bought)

BMX Museum:
chromey (bought)
Jam Circle
trini flat

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2011-02-26 16:32:56 -

Dealings went smoothly,shipped fast and package was delivered quickly.

2011-01-25 00:18:39 -

I replied to you but apparently the message did not send. I won't be able to afford it at this moment. For the while i'm getting a wheel here Where i live. If circumstances change and you still posses the wheel i will surely take it

2011-01-16 00:30:45 -

Hey man i'm trying to reply to the message i sent you but it not going through. Gimme a email to contact you

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