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2011-08-13 02:50:33 -

Hey man, Hope all is well and the shop is doing big buisness! I've been livin in brooklyn and started riding again with al ot of the nyc locals. Not much of a flatland scene but still a great place to be. Spent a bunch of time workin with Ralph at animal and Darryl at blacken while i was a graduate student in philosophy. I'm working in schools now and, whenever possible, i get my kids out on bmx bikes and into a creative realm. I want to pick up some of your parts but, if possible, id like to buy from your shop so that the proceeds are going where they should. Let me know if that is a possability and, if you didnt know already, your contributions to bmx have not gone unnoticed. I had a student watch your pegless flatland video and comit himself to an endeavor in a way he never had before. keep up the great work and let me know when i can start ordering parts/bikes directly from you. P.S. Darryl (blacken)is a big fan and is hosting the x-games and dew tour, so you might want to send some intrikat logos his way. Take care and give a shit!

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