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About me: I was into bikes since I was about 2 or so. I did dirt jumping, street, & some ramp riding up until '92 or so. In '91, I got into flatland. After a while, I saw that I had the most fun with it & it was a lot cheaper than doing the other stuff, so I stuck with it for about 8 years. I stopped riding in '98. You know, it's called having a life & a career. Hahaha!

Fast forward to December 2008. I started remembering the times that I used to hang out with Day Smith, Sean McKinney, Nate Hanson, & a few others at Lakewood Mall, in Lakewood, California. I did a few internet searches, but I can't find much about them now. Seems like they have retired. Lots of old videos & stuff, but that's about it.

I figured, "well, I need exercise & I've always liked bikes, so why not get back into flatland again." And there you have it. I'm 33 now, but everyone still thinks I'm about 20 to 24 or so. It's a good & bad thing. Hahaha! I'm on a quest to build up a Hoffman Strowler frame with a 19.75" top tube. I'm kinda tall. Heh! (^o^ ) <3

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