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2011-05-21 10:58:28 -

Still have those Xans? long shot but im looking

2010-06-09 03:19:54 -

how much would you charge for only the frame and sprocket and cranks and headset and bb

2009-10-27 21:50:59 -

props to you for coming to the 1300 jam with 1/2 a bike.. that's what it's gonna take for you to progress, which you obviously have.. you got your rolling dialed on the unbike, just put a frame on that bitch and you'll be doing hang 5's like nobody's buisiness!!

2009-07-06 22:45:29 -

if you still have that luna frame, I'm interested. Whats your lowest price you could do it for. I need this frame for my girlfriend, she loves it!

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