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About me: Ive been riding a bike since 1977. I was jumping off home made jumps in 1980. I got into flatland around 1986. My first serious flat bike was a 1987 Haro Master which I loved except for the foot platforms. I hail from KFC(kansas fucking city) and used to ride with Dennis McCoy,Rick Thorne, Jamie Shelly, Ben Mahoney and many more in the notorious BMX Brigade. We used to ride downtown and throw stuff at cars and get in chases and get bottles thrown and shots popped off occasionally at us(damn we were stupid!) I used to see how far I could rope a roni down the street.I used to ride around the neighborhood backwards for fun. I recorded all the songs off of RAD onto my cassete player and listened to it while I rode and destroyed tape player after tape player. I have deep old school roots while still loving the new school.
Lea Dobrowski-Silva

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