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About me: Well, I moderate this site, Live in nyc, and spend most of my time riding flatland.

If you have a question, just shoot me a private message.
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2009-07-01 01:07:49 -

So I leave tomorrow, do you have an email where i can send you my # or can you send yours to Im trying to get me pedals off right now and it is a real bitch for some reason (I know the right side is threaded backwards). can't wait!

2009-06-25 22:53:10 -

Yah so I still can't send you a message, so I guess I'll just keep using your guestbook. Do you have an email?

That would be awesome! Just what I hoped for. I will be hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend (whom I'm staying with) everyday after they get off work around 5 or 6 or so. Other than that, Ill just be riding and exploring the parts of the city I haven't seen yet, which are a lot.

So I'm not familiar with bike laws in Manhattan. How can you get around with a bike? Are they allowed on the sidewalks, in the subways, ect.?


2009-06-23 02:17:32 -

Hey I sent you a message but I'm not sure it worked. Basically, I'm visiting NYC 7/1 through 7/10 and wanted to find some riders. So if you want to ride some and show me a good spot or two send me a message. my user name is 'flatstuffs'.

2008-08-30 18:42:07 -

it rained so i am kinda bummed for the time being

2008-08-30 18:19:20 -

hahahaha... Thanks bro =D

2008-08-30 17:59:03 -

hi David i stole your guest book's virginity

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