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Username: Paul Chamberlain
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About me: Paul Chamberlain

Freestyle BMX bike rider. At the moment mostly flatland and street.

Akira. Simon. Ciaran. Anyone who's been riding for a long time and has a style that isn't polluted by "I want to win!".

Dave Leslie got me REALLY interested in flatland and made me think more about doing something different on my bike. Thanks Dave. Eddie Chan too. The man who I started with!

I teach English as second language wherever.

28 years old. Married. S&M LAF 19" - Kitted out with all street parts right now... Full offset forks, Redneck XLT and long KGB pegs. 48h G-Sport wheelset. No coaster.
TJ Berry

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2008-09-11 12:23:07 -

im in Aus too been reading your posts on the downunder series, your awesome at flat cause i seen you in a vid but im glad you do lots of street as well.

2008-07-31 01:54:29 -

Thanks for the words man. I'm glad that you appreciated it. The laws are pretty much the same here in Australia.

2008-07-30 16:31:26 -

Re: Riding with Minors thread - Thanks Paul! You understood the whole deal and you chimed in on that one rider thinking that we were being ridiculous. Man, the U.S. is crazy when it comes to this stuff, and I'm sure the laws aren't very far from in your country.

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