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Events Martin visited:

GermanyJanuary 20122. Fight the Winter Flatland Contest
GermanyOctober 2011Flatland Fanatics Contest 3
United KingdomAugust 2011King of Southsea
GermanyJuly 2011Flatland BBQ BMX Jam
GermanyJuly 2011BMX Masters 2011
United KingdomJune 2011UK BMX Battle 2011
GermanyJune 20114Th Sun Jam
AustriaMay 2011Game of Skills
FranceApril 2011Ninja Spin
CanadaMarch 2011CFO Flatland Unlimited 7
FranceFebruary 2011Circle Cow 12
GermanyNovember 2010Flatland Fanatics Contest
WorldwideAugust 2010KGB Intrikat Online Video Competition
Czech RepublicJuly 2010Flatland Church Fight 2010
GermanyJuly 2010BMX Masters 2010
GermanyJune 2010Flatland Fanatics Summer Jam
FranceMay 2010FISE 2010
AustriaApril 2010Game of Skills
FranceFebruary 2010Circle Cow 11
GermanyNovember 2009Flatland Fanatics Contest in Minden
Czech RepublicOctober 2009Flatland Church Fight
GermanyJuly 2008Suzuki BMXMasters 2008
FranceApril 2008Nokia FISE
FranceFebruary 2008Circle Cow 9
GermanySeptember 2007Battle in da Club Tour 2007 Station 4
NetherlandsAugust 2007Flatground07
HungaryJuly 2007OG Summer Gypsy Games
GermanyJuly 2007Flatlandbridge
GermanyJuly 2007BMX Masters
GermanyMay 2007Battle in da Club Tour 2007 Station 1
JapanFebruary 2007Circle of Balance 3
NetherlandsDecember 2006Flatground 6
GermanyDecember 2006Berlin City Games 2006
GermanyJuly 2006Suzuki BMXMasters 2006
GermanyMarch 2006Battle in da Club Tour Round II
FranceFebruary 2006Circle Cow 7
GermanyDecember 2005KHEbikes / ChicoClothing - LastSession 2005
GermanyOctober 2005Adidas Berlin City Games
GermanySeptember 2005The Crown Flatland Contest
GermanyAugust 2005BMX-Ballerinas Flatland Jam
GermanyJune 2005Suzuki BMX Masters 2005
GermanyJune 2005Battle in da Club
GermanyMarch 2005Wittenberger Flatlandball
FranceFebruary 2005Carhartt Circle Cow 6

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