Felt - Dreamcatcher

Felt - Dreamcatcher
Name: Dreamcatcher
Company: Felt ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 2280 g ( = 5.03 lbs )
Infos: Michael Sommer about his new signature frame:

I´m very happy to announce my “soon to be released” signature frame with Felt Bikes.
The “Dreamcatcher” is the first step in a small series of Felt signature parts and is all about giving (first of all myself and of course also you) a lot of space. The frame will be quite light but won´t be a weight freaks´ favourite since I wanted it to be strong and hold a lot of stress so I don´t break a frame every season. Even that it wasn´t a main focus it is one of the lowest frames out there. You can check this by drawing a straight line,(the ideal line) from the start of the toptube at the front to the upper edge of the dropouts. The frame definetly opens a lot of doors for me since I was riding the same frame with a quite high toptube and 2.7kg for almost 6 years. Though I never had problems jumping over the toptube or learning new stuff, I will be able to realize a lot of “dreams” with my new “friend”.

Some people may say, this looks like this or that brand frame, but hey, I ride for Felt and not for this or that brand. I am lucky to be in a position where I can have this priviledge of having my own signature frame so I used this wisely and the outcome is this style, shape, colour and geometry. The “Dreamcatcher” will come as a limited edition but there will be a first, a second and maybe a third edition of the frame. Each edition will come without brakemounts and gyrotabs, in one color only and with a special stickerpack designed by some of the most renowed and respected street-/fine-/tattoo artists around. Each artist will represent his own original style of art in connection to the name “Dreamcatcher”. The first edition will feature a stickerpack by “NEO”. A young graphic and tattoo artist from austria / swizerland.

As you can see there is a straight downtube which keeps the front end stiff because bends make a frame weaker than straight tubing. There will be enough space under the downtube since it will go over the bb. The old bb-downtube-chainstay junktion with the approved gusset remains because I saw other frames breaking in half at this place so I kept what´s good to keep also the very stiff backend. Also the double bent toptube is necessary in my opinion since it keeps the rear triangle not too low and therefore is much more stable than other frames. Since it´s still in the prototype status and there will also be very few changes at the production model such as machiened slots in the headtube and bb and maybe a slight change at the dropouts.
Color shiny mother earth
Dropouts 14mm
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 18.5


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2.5 of 5 (299 ratings)

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