Colony - Swarm Freecoaster (2022)

Colony - Swarm Freecoaster (2022)

Name: Swarm Freecoaster (2022)
Company: Colony ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 448 g ( = 0.99 lbs )
Infos: The Colony Swarm Freecoaster Hub is our newest FC hub utilising the ground breaking internals from the guys at Freenight. It has the weight of a cassette, very minimal slack with an almost instant engagement when pedalling forwards. Yet you have all the good properties of a FC hub when rolling backwards with no engagement or the need to back pedal. These are the best FC hubs available on the planet hands down.

Please Note: If pulling apart the hub, do not add extra grease or lubricant!

RHD & LHD BMX hub versions.

Male Axle only.

9T driver only.

36 hole only.

All spare parts are available if needed.

PCD drive side is 58mm.

PCD non-drive side is 45mm.

When lacing this to our Colony Pintour/Contour rims in 3 cross, use 182mm spokes on drive side and 184mm non drive side.

The Colony Sawrm freecoaster hub comes in Black only.

Weight: 448 grams or 0.98 lbs.
Axle 14mm
Color black
Spokes 36
Teeth 9t
Type freecoaster


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