Rubena - xDOMx

Rubena - xDOMx

Name: xDOMx
Company: Rubena ( All parts of this Company )
Weight: 280 g ( = 0.62 lbs )
Infos: Dominik Nekolny about his signature tire:

Tire is one of the most important components of your bike. Since my early beginnings, I have always wanted to make tire exactly according to my wishes and requirements. This dream come true 10 years later in early 2012, when Rubena a.s. contacted me with offer of cooperation on producing my signature tire. When I was designing my tire, there were several parameters which were important for me. The most important parameter was of course the adhesion of tire, which we managed to do absolutely great and is exactly on the border of excellent adhesion, yet good lifetime. The tire is ridden down evenly. Equally important parameter was design – I wanted the tire did not carry my name only, but also something that describes me – I think we succeeded pretty well here. Tires will be produced in two versions: version “Elite” with foldable Kevlar construction and the overall weight of stunning 280g. A further version is “Economy” with non-foldable construction and overall weight 460g and lower price. All tires are made in Czech Republic. In the end there is a tire with very nice design, with the best adhesion a very good price - all you need from the TOP tire!

xDOMx Elite level
Color: black
Size: 20“
Width: 1.6 (44mm)
TPI: 127
Construction: Racing Pro
Weight: 280g

xDOMx Economy level
Color: black
Size: 20“
Width: 1.6 (44mm)
TPI: 127
Construction: Classic
Weight: 460g
Color Black
Size 1.6"


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