Flatware - The Waltz

Flatware - The Waltz

Name: The Waltz
Company: Flatware ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 1769 g ( = 3.90 lbs )
Infos: Nearly two years of continuous testing, prototyping and refinement by Terry Adams prior to production. Thanks to our proven 41-Thermal® processing throughout, The Waltz can be incredibly light and responsive without sacrificing strength (which means that we can still incorporate a clearance bend in the downtube without leaving you with an unreliable flex machine). Proven modern flatland geometry. Dropout shape allows for tensioner use. Flatland-specifc lifetime warranty.


Removable brake and Gyro® hardware
41-Thermal® processing throughout
Post-weld machining on the head tube and bottom bracket for precision bearing fit
3/8” axle slots with cutting grooves for 14mm
Chain tensioner-ready dropout shape
Rustproof coating prior to paint finishing


75 degree head tube
72 degree seat tube
18.9” top tube
12.5” chainstay (slammed)
11.85” bottom bracket
Mid bottom bracket shell
Integrated headset
Bottom-Bracket Mid
Color Blue, Silver
Dropouts 10mm
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 18.9


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