Flatware - Flatland Forks

Flatware - Flatland Forks
Name: Flatland Forks
Company: Flatware ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 843 g ( = 1.86 lbs )
Infos: 41 thermal forks are light yet still very strong
forks have a lifetime warranty

legs are butted and tapered inside and out
lowered crown junction keeps your foot on your tire and not jammed under the steerer tube
low profile removable brake mounts
185mm steerer tube
7075 alloy pre-load bolt

0 offset - 29.7oz/843g
minimal offset - 30.7oz/870g
Color black
Dropouts 10mm
Offset 0mm, 16mm


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4.5 of 5 (72 ratings)


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