Magicfruits - Skinny Pegs V3

Magicfruits - Skinny Pegs V3

Name: Skinny Pegs V3
Company: Magicfruits ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 144 g ( = 0.32 lbs )
Infos: "The last version of our skinny peg was a long awaited product. This third version required a lot of worked and it is how it turned out: Two millimeters shorter than the original version, there is no knurled surface at the end of the peg as you can see on pictures, it makes pivotal tricks easier. Knurled and not knurled spaces are all at the same height. Last but not least, they are 13 grams lighter than the original one."

Materials: 2017-T4
Length : 111mm
Diameter: 38mm

Made in Osaka, Japan
Axle 10mm
Color Black, Blue, Silver, Red


Current rating:

4.3 of 5 (23 ratings)


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