OG Bikes - Kun Fu

OG Bikes - Kun Fu

Name: Kun Fu
Company: OG Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 2000 g ( = 4.41 lbs )
Infos: Our team member, Adam Kun is one hell of a flatland rider, so we have decided to make a signature frame for him. We used many of his suggestions, and the result is a skinny but strong frame which has been built to be simple and functional. No strange tube connections, no "we want to be goddamn unique" shape, only function and excellent geometry. This is the Kun Fu frame.

Rear end: 13 inch
Headtube angle: 74.5 degrees
Seattube angle: 70.5 degrees
Double butted toptube and downtube
Heat treated integrated headtube, spanish BB and dropouts.
Will be available with and without U-brake mounts
Weight: brakeless version: 2.000g (4.40lbs), w. brakemounts: 2.120g (4.67lbs).

The downtube and the chainstays are raised at the spanish bb shell to offer even more foot room.

The seattube is singlebutted to save some additional weight.
The frame is made entirely from Sanko Japanese CrMo. Even though we put much effort in producing long lasting and reliable products, using this material enables us to use thinner -but double butted- wall thicknesses and smaller tube diameters for less weight.

There are many frames on the market that crack at the seattube/seatstays connection. We will still use this kind of connection, we are convinced that this is the best way to make it really strong. We decided to use little crosstubes instead of small metal plates, because there are many other brands that have had problems with those: they tend to crack.

The dropouts of the Kun Fu frame have been redesigned. The slot is horizontal so the adjustment of the rear wheel does not affect the headtube andle.

The dropout is heat treated and trimmed to fit 40mm (1.57") diameter pegs.

The Kun Fu frame will also be available with rear brake mounts on the seatstays. Since the toptube is not bent, the brake alignment is much better than on most frames.

For rear brake users, it is advisable to use the Kun Fu frame with dual bottom cables. The small cable stopper is designed for that kind of use.

The version with U-brake mounts features little holes on the headtube for replaceable CrMo Gyro tabs.

The replaceable gyro tabs can be mounted with a small Allen key.
Bottom-Bracket Spanish BB
Color Black, Green, Red, Yellow
Dropouts 10mm
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 18.75


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