Suelo - Crank 2007

Suelo - Crank 2007

Name: Crank 2007
Company: Suelo ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 660 g ( = 1.46 lbs )
Infos: 100% CrMo.

Info from Suelo website:

1. the arms has this plate to stand axial stress (bent arms) and the tube for torsion stress (twisted arms).
2. we made this design that looks like a 2p one but it´s actually a 3p. you just have to tight one bolt. it´s so simple to mount.
3. the hole for the sprocket bolt is closer to accept smaller sprockets so they are only compatible with new suelo sprocket.
4. the spindle is 22mm., the arm length is 160mm. and the weight of set (2 arms, spindle, spindle bolt and sprocket bolt) is only 660 grs. / 1.45 lb
5. they are available in black and white.
BB-Size 22mm
Color Black, White
Length 160mm


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