OG Bikes - Cygo 2

OG Bikes - Cygo 2

Name: Cygo 2
Company: OG Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 950 g ( = 2.09 lbs )
Infos: The Cygo2 bars feature 8" height (203mm) for more control over your bike. The edges are much smoother as you can see on the photos.

The bars are handmade in Hungary of Fuji seamless Japanese CrMo tubing by flatland riders. They are heat treated for increased strength and have 3 degrees of upsweep and backsweep.

Should you be interested in having bars that last for a long time, then we are sure that this could be a good choice. The Cygo2 bars are not for weight freaks but for riders that prefer reliable and high quality products.
Color Black
Height 8


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