OG Bikes - Vajda 2007

OG Bikes - Vajda 2007

Name: Vajda 2007
Company: OG Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 896 g ( = 1.98 lbs )
Infos: The new version is very similar to the old, except for the following things:

-The dropout became smaller, now it fits pegs of 40mm diameter perfectly, but the 45mm ones can be used without any modifications, too.

-The thickness of the heat-treated dropout became 5mm instead of using 6mm.

-The flattened fork legs have been made with a new technology which is stronger than the previous one.

-The new forks feature ZERO offset.

-We use new alloy hexagon top bolt that allows using dual brakecables.

-The lower part of the stem tube got trimmed for saving a little additional weight.

The new Vajda forks are still made of Sanko 4130 Japanese CrMo tubing, and are completely heat-treated after welding.

Weights and versions of the new OG Vajda forks:

-W. 14mm axle slots, w. U-brake mounts: 910g
-W. 3/8" axle slots, w. U-brake mounts: 919g
-W. 3/8" axle slots, w. o. U-brake mounts: 896g
Color Black
Dropouts 3/8, 14mm
Offset Zero


Current rating:

3.5 of 5 (168 ratings)


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